Are you an aspiring author looking to publish your first book?

Or do you want to turn your existing book into a thriving author business?

This course is for you!

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I’ve written and published 17 novels under my pen name, Tarah Benner. I’ve been building my business for more than six years, but when I first started, I was overwhelmed.


I didn’t know anything about the publishing industry! I didn't know where to find an editor. I didn't know anything about book marketing, distribution, or intellectual property rights.

At the time, what I wanted more than anything were straightforward, no-BS answers to my most burning self-publishing questions.

Questions like,

  • How do I find a good editor?

  • How much should I expect to spend on a cover?

  • Do I need to copyright my work?

  • Should I publish exclusively with Amazon or “go wide” to Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and Google Books?

  • How do I get my book into paperback?

  • How do I create my author website and email mailing list?

  • Which social media channels are worth my time?

  • Which ad platform will give me the best bang for my buck?


At the time, I didn’t even think to create a business plan or to choose a revenue model. And I had no clue what changes lay ahead for the industry.

Many books later, I’ve learned all the hard lessons of publishing, and I’m ready to share my wisdom with you.


I designed Author Business Bootcamp to be a complete roadmap for building a thriving author business — starting with that first book.


The course is broken up into 10 lessons and more than 30 modules that are totally digestible and DOABLE. Each lesson has its own action items, handouts, and templates to help you turn your first book into a thriving business.

Are you ready to become Author-CEO of your own creative empire? Bootcamp starts right now.

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