Author Business Bootcamp Syllabus

Author Business Bootcamp is not a course on how to write a novel. It's designed to be your complete publishing roadmap to take your writing from book to business.

Lesson 1: Choose Your Own Adventure: Traditional vs. Independent Publishing

1.1: The Journey to Publication

1.2: The Indie Author Mindset

1.3: Intellectual Property Rights

Worksheet: Intellectual Property Asset Management Checklist

Lesson 2: What Are You Writing? Whom Are You Writing For?

2.1: How to Choose the Perfect Genre

Worksheet: Author Business Plan

2.2: How to Identify Your Ideal Readers and Authors in Your Lane

2.3: How to Craft Your Author Identity

Worksheet: Essential Elements and Cardinal Sins

Lesson 3: How Will Your Author Business Make Money?

3.1: Choose Your Revenue Model

3.2: Choose Your Distribution Channels

Reference Guide: Distribution Channels Packet

3.3: Choose Your Pricing Strategy

Lesson 4: Your Are the CEO of Your Author Business?

4.1: The CEO Mindset

4.2: The Many Hats of an Indie Author

Worksheet: Author-CEO Balance Assessment

4.3: Identifying Your Strengths and Limitations

Worksheet: Strengths and Limitations

Worksheet: Company Roles

Lesson 5: Investing in Your Author Business

5.1: The 80/20 Rule for Authors

5.2: How to Hire an Editor, Cover Designer, and Accountant

Reference Guide: Working With a Cover Designer

5.3: Know Your Expenses

Lesson 6: Building Your Author Platform

6.1: Your Author Website

Worksheet: Author Website Audit

6.2: Choose an Email Marketing Service

Reference Guide: ConvertKit Vocabulary Cheat Sheet

6.3: Intro to Social Media: The Golden Rule

6.4: Facebook for Authors

6.5: Instagram for Authors

6.6: Other Social Media Platforms for Fiction

6.7: Platforms for Nonfiction and Best Practices for Authors on Social

Lesson 7: Creating the Perfect Marketing Mix

7.1: "Push" Marketing vs. "Pull" Marketing

Worksheet: Your Marketing Mix

7.2: Perfect "Push" Marketing

7.3: Perfect "Pull" Marketing

Worksheet: Email Content Plan

Lesson 8: Creating Irresistible Sales Funnels

8.1: Generating Traffic for Book Sales

Worksheet: Sales Plan

8.2: The Entry Point and Reader Magnet

8.3: The Journey of Reader Nurturing

8.4: The Upsell

Lesson 9: Amazing Systems for Authors

Bookkeeping for Authors, Tax Prep on Autopilot, Book Launch Checklist

Lesson 10: Amazing Tools for Authors

Secret Weapons of Author-CEOs