Life is too short to defer your dreams — whether that dream includes writing your first novel or becoming a full-time author.


My goal is to show creative people that they can make time for the things they love and integrate their passions into their daily lives.

Hello! My name is Tarah.


I’m an author, writing coach, and adventurer living in sunny Colorado. I’ve written stories my entire life, and I completed my first novel in 2013.


Since then, I’ve written and published 17 novels under my pen name, Tarah Benner, as well as Creative Morning Magic — a nonfiction book for writers and creatives. I’m also the host of The Fearless Creative — a podcast for creative entrepreneurs.

Over the past several years, I've built a creative empire that's turned into a thriving business. My husband and I are entrepreneurs who live life on our own terms.


I spend my days writing, rambling through the woods, and wrangling two wild dogs. I love reading, hiking, traveling, martial arts, and rummaging through antique stores.


This is your one wild and precious life.

How are you going to spend it?